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Steampunk Models

Teching Oil Well Pumping Unit 219Pcs DIY 3D Metal Assembly Model Kits Features:Model of the Pumping Unit: Exact casting and inventiveness. Assembly is always a form of industrial reproduction. The term "kowtow machine" refers to a type of oil extraction apparatus and equipment called a pumping ..
Teching DM13-L4-T Inline 4 Cylinder Car Engine L4 DIY Assembly Metal Model Shipping notice: this engine is in stock now. the order will be sent out within 1-2 working days. you will receive a shipping email after the parcel is picked up. any problem please contact me [email protected] &nb..
Teching Metal Single Seat Retro Classic Car Model Assembly Electric Model KitFeatures:Material & Workmanship: Made of metal materials, CNC precision casting method, oxidation of aluminum alloy, and a collection of exquisite craftsmanship. Professional abrasive equipment were used to polish 249 p..
Metal Assembly One Cylinder Electric Steam Car Model Toy for AdultFeatures:100% new and of great qualitythe story's starting pointBeginnings of the steam automobile The French utilized the Quar steam traction car in 1928.The steam automobile and internal combustion engine car's current competition h..
3D Metal Assembly Solar Powered Wind Turbine Model Golden Assembly WindmillFeatures: The maple leaf rotates using solar cells and a small wind turbine that is placed in direct sunlight.The fan uses electroplating on light plastic, whereas the model uses electroplating on zinc alloy.Th..
V8 Engine Model Building Kit Electric RC Engine ModelFeatures:Full Simulation.RC Engine: V8 internal combustion engine structural principle design, belt wheel winding drive structure, generator, air conditioning compressor, steering pump, water pump, complete output flywheel and layered cylinder hea..
Teching British Retro-styled Metal Single Cylinder Engine Car Vehicle Assembly Model Toy for AdultFeatures:100% new and of great qualityThe first single-cylinder automobile was created when Carl Friedrich Bentz submitted a patent application to the German Patent Office on January 29, 1886. Carl Frie..
Teching Assembly Metal Mechanical Electric Vintage Classic Car Model Science ToysFeatures:The idea of a classic car first surfaced in the British magazine "Celebrity and Classic Car" in 1973. The term "classic car" immediately became known to classic automobile enthusiasts and spread quickly, becomi..
Teching 3D Assembly Adult 300+pcs Car Engine Model Toys Mini Inline 4 cylinders Engine EducationFeatures: ✪ Origins:  The in-line four-cylinder engine's research and development was finished in 1894 by Maybach and Paul Daimler. The cylinders had innovative carburetor technology and were cast..
Teching Exploring Our 8 Planets Solar System Orrery Planetarium Built with Motor note: the parcel will be sent out after March 2022.Features:At Teching, there has been talk of creating a model with the eight planets of the solar system as its theme for a long. The motion of the eight planets served..
All-metal Pedestrian Robot Assembled Model Toy for AdultFeatures:100% new and of great qualityThe origin of the term "pedestrians": Although human-like bipedal walking is the most challenging walking action in the biological world, no other walking structures can equal its performance. Making a robo..
Teching 3D Metal Pendulum Clock Timekeeping Assembly Model Toy for AdultFeatures:100% new and of great quality.the story's starting point The swing's physical phenomenon: Galileo, at 18 years old, saw in a church in Pisa in 1582 that the bell's swing frequency was fixed. It took another 75 years for..
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