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Teching Oil Well Pumping Unit 219Pcs DIY 3D Metal Assembly Model Kits Features:Model of the Pumping Unit: Exact casting and inventiveness. Assembly is always a form of industrial reproduction. The term "kowtow machine" refers to a type of oil extraction apparatus and equipment called a pumping ..
DIY 3D Puzzle Toy Assembly Little Unicorn Tiger With Wing Model for Home DecorFeatures:You can make a smaller palm-sized model using high-quality metal materials and laser-cut ultra-precision high-quality metal models.Screw it together in accordance with the assembly drawing; no glue is required. Wo..
DIY Assembly 3D Metal Mechanical Spider Clock Model Home Decor GiftFeatures: DIY Kits: This is a perfectly designed DIY kit that requires your hands-on work to complete. Size: After assembly, the mini size is about 14x14x5CM; Recommend Age: It is suitable for people over 8 years old..
4pcs 3D DIY Metal Mechanical Dragonfly Firefly Wasp Termite Insects Assembly Model Set Features: EUDCATIONAL & COOL TOYS: It is a special mechanical 3D metal puzzle that turns into a portable play-world full of education and fun for both children and adults. DIY KITS: It is a challengin..
3Pcs Set 290Pcs DIY Metal Assembly Panda Series Model Kit  for Home Collection Decor  Features:Made of a PVC model and a high-quality laser-cutting, ultra-precision metal model.No adhesive is required for assembling. Only in accordance with the assembly drawing may a moving castle model b..
Steampunk Style 3D Assembled Metal Golden Dragonfly Sculpture ModelFeatures:The steampunk-style model is constructed from premium metals. This model is complete and doesn't require assembly. This metal model is composed of a total of 50 components.This is the ideal present, a unique gift for your fr..
DIY Mini Sound-Controlled Electronic Mosquito Model Kits Night Light - Random ColorFeatures:.On the basis of the prior DIY exhibition frame, finished photo frame, specimen frame, and other frames, add electronic sound and light function to the conventional static exhibition frame through the additio..
324Pcs Metal Insect Puzzle Model Kit 3D DIY Mechanical Assembly Jigsaw Crafts - UnicornFeatures:Made from high-quality metal that has been precisely cut by a laserNo glue is required during assembly, and mechanical unicorn designs can be put together using only screws if the assembly drawing is foll..
200Pcs+ DIY Oriental Dragon + Phoenix Assembly Building KitFeatures:.The dragon and the phoenix have been auspicious animals since ancient times. The dragon was the symbol of the son of heaven, and the phoenix was a symbol of good luck and longevity. These two gods were very common in the imperial p..
DIY Assembled Model Kit 3D Stainless Steel Assembled Detachable Model Ornaments - BeatlesFeatures: You can make a smaller, palm-sized model using high-quality metal materials and laser-cut, ultra-precision high-quality metal models.Using screws in accordance with the assembly drawing eliminates..
1094Pcs 3D Metal Puzzle Assembly Crane Truck Construction Vehicles for AdultsFeatures:. Model kit looks exquisitely like an off-road vehicle; it has a cool design, pieces with a smooth, burr-free surface, and excellent part fit.All four wheels are rotatable, feature spring shock absorbers, and have ..
Bengal Tiger 700PCS+ 3D Metal Kits Assembly Model Building Animal SeriesFeatures:Fantastic DIY experience: 700 PCS+ and assembly takes 6 to 8 hours. Due to its complexity, the mechanical Bengal tiger is a useful hand and spatial awareness exercise. As you put things together, you're also learning ab..
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